Benefits of Renting Trade Show Exhibits Over Buying

Trade shows are a bustling hub of innovation, networking, and brand showcasing. At the heart of this dynamic environment is the booth, the physical embodiment of a brand’s essence. But should you rent or buy custom trade show exhibits? Let’s debunk a myth and explore the advantages of renting.

Contrary to popular belief, going for exhibit rentals doesn’t mean compromising on design. In fact, it offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing brands to customize grandly and uniquely. And if a particular design strikes a chord, it can be retained for future shows.

Why Renting is a Game-Changer

  • Cost-Effective: Stretch your budget further with rentals. While a high-quality booth might seem like a significant investment, renting can cost just a third of purchasing an equivalent booth. Imagine the same grandeur at a fraction of the price!
  • Adaptable Designs: Businesses evolve, and so should their booths. Renting offers the freedom to reinvent and adjust the booth’s design, layout, and size, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve. In contrast, a purchased booth might restrict you to a static design across multiple shows.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The inevitable wear and tear of booths can be a concern. But with rentals, you always get a pristine booth, free from the hassles of repair or refurbishing costs.

Who Should Consider Renting?

If it’s your first time: If you’re new to the trade show scene, rentals offer a sandbox to experiment. Explore different layouts, features, and sizes until you find your perfect match.

If you attend a few shows: For those attending a few shows annually, renting is a no-brainer. It’s cost-effective and allows design alterations for each event.

If this is all you do: For brands with jam-packed trade show calendars, rentals can supplement their booth inventory, ensuring a seamless brand presence across events.

While both renting and buying have their merits, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of rentals make them a better choice for many brands. As you gear up for your next trade show, weigh your options and choose what goes the best with your vision and resources.


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