How to Find and Enter a Blooket Code for Classroom Games

Blooket Code Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students? Then look no further than Blooket! This online platform offers various educational games perfect for the classroom. But before playing, you must know how to find and enter a Blooket code. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process so you can use Blooket in your classroom today! Get ready to level up your teaching game with Blooket.

How to get a Blanket code

The first step towards accessing Blooket’s fun and interactive games is getting a Blanket code. But what exactly is a Blanket code? Simply put, it’s a unique six-digit code that allows you to join or create a game on Blooket.

Head to the Blooket website and sign in using your account details. Once logged in, click “Create Game” and select the type of game you want to play.

Next, choose “Blanket Mode” from the list of options. This will generate a new Blanket code for your game.

Alternatively, if you want to join a game someone else created, ask them for their Blanket code. They can find it by clicking on their game and selecting “Invite Players.”

Remember to keep your Blanket code safe and secure – anyone with access to it can join your game!

What are the benefits of a Blanket code?


A Blanket code can be a powerful tool for teachers and educators looking to engage their students in fun and interactive games. By providing students with a single code to access multiple games, Blanket regulations make it easy for teachers to organize game-based learning activities without managing individual game codes.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Blanket code is that it saves time. Rather than spending hours setting up each game individually, teachers can share one code with their students and get started right away. This means more time spent on actual gameplay and less time on administrative tasks.

Another advantage of the Blanket code is that it encourages collaboration among students. Since everyone has access to the same set of games, they can work together in teams or pairs to complete challenges or solve problems. This fosters teamwork skills and helps build stronger relationships between classmates.

Blanket codes also give teachers greater flexibility when planning lessons or activities. They can easily switch between different games depending on what they want to teach, making it possible to tailor learning experiences based on student needs and interests.

Using a Blanket code for classroom games has many benefits – saving time and encouraging collaboration to provide greater flexibility in lesson planning. Teachers who embrace this technology will be better equipped to engage their students in active learning experiences that simultaneously promote critical thinking skills while simultaneously having fun!

What are the risks of a Blanket code?

While a Blanket code can be incredibly useful for classroom games, it has risks. One major risk is the potential for cheating or sharing answers among students. If all students can access the same questions and answers, there may be less incentive to learn the material.

Using a Blanket code can also limit creativity and innovation in lesson planning. Teachers may become too reliant on pre-made quizzes and games rather than creating unique content tailored to their class.

The use of technology also comes with inherent security risks. Student data could be compromised or hacked using a Blanket code if not properly protected.

Reliance on technology in the classroom can lead to technical difficulties and disruptions during lessons. Teachers need backup plans if something goes wrong with accessing or using a Blanket code during class time.

While there are benefits to using a Blanket code for classroom games, educators must consider these potential risks before implementing them into their teaching strategies.

What is a Blanket Code?

What is a Blanket Code?

A Blanket code is a unique code used in Blooket, an online educational platform that allows teachers to create and customize games for their students. This code can be shared with the class, allowing all the students to join the fun at once.

“Blanket” refers to its ability to cover multiple players or students under one code. It eliminates the need for each student to enter a separate access code, making it easier for teachers to manage classroom games.

When creating a game on Blooket, you can generate an individual or blanket code. Each student will receive their unique access key if you choose a special code. However, if you opt for a blanket code instead, all your students can enter into one single game session.

Moreover, using a Blanket Code saves time and reduces confusion, as this helps everyone stay focused on learning rather than entering codes repeatedly.

How to Find and Enter a Blanket Code for Classroom Games

Finding and entering a Blanket Code for Blooket classroom games is easy and straightforward. It’s important to note that only the game host can provide the Blanket code, so contact them.

To find a Blanket Code, ask your teacher or game host if they have one available. They’ll usually share it with you through an email or message. You can also check if any codes are posted on the school bulletin board or classroom whiteboard.

Once you have the code, go to and sign in to your account. From there, click “Enter Game Code” at the top of the page. Enter the Blanket Code provided by your teacher and click “Submit.”

If entered correctly, you will be taken directly into the game lobby, where you can choose your player name and avatar before starting gameplay.

When following these steps, finding and entering a Blanket Code for Blooket is simple. Don’t forget that playing educational games like Blooket helps students learn while having fun!


Welcome to the world of Blooket! If you’re here, it’s likely because you’ve heard about the game and are now curious to learn more. Look no further; we will show you how to find and enter a Blooket code for classroom games.

Blooket is an interactive digital platform designed for educators and students alike. Its engaging gameplay elements and educational content have quickly become a popular tools in classrooms worldwide. Many teachers have reported increased student engagement when using Blooket during lessons.

But what exactly is a Blooket code? It’s a unique identifier that allows players to join specific games created by other users on the platform. Think of it like an access key – without it, you won’t be able to participate in contests outside your creations or those offered by default in the app.

So why bother with finding and entering these codes? For starters, joining other games can give you access to new questions that may not be available in your library. It also allows you to connect with other users on the platform – particularly useful if you’re looking for inspiration or collaboration opportunities.

Now that we’ve covered some background information, let’s dive into how exactly one can find and enter a Blooket code.

How to Find a Blanket Code

To start playing Blooket games, you need to find a Blanket code. But where do you find it? Fortunately, searching for the code is relatively easy.

Firstly, ask your teacher or instructor if they have any codes to share. They may have already created a game and generated a code for their students to use during class hours.

If your teacher has no codes available or you want to join other Blooket games outside of class hours, try searching on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. You can find codes shared by other educators using Blooket in their classrooms.

Another option is to search online forums and communities dedicated to educational resources or classroom gaming activities. These online communities often share helpful tips and tricks regarding various educational tools, including Blooket.

Additionally, some websites compile active Blanket codes from different sources so that users can quickly access them without going through multiple searches. It’s worth checking these sites out if you’re looking for an updated list of available Blanket codes for Blooket gameplay.

In summary, finding a Blanket code may require effort, but there are several ways to obtain one. The easiest way is still asking your instructor first, followed by searching on social media platforms and online communities like Reddit and Discord groups dedicated to education technology enthusiasts!

How to Enter a Blanket Code

Blanket Code

Entering a Blanket Code on Blooket is simple and quick. Once you have located the code, follow these steps to enter it:

1. Open Blooket: Go to and ensure you are logged in as a teacher or student.

2. Locate the “Enter code” button: This button can be found at the top right corner of your screen.

3. Click on “Enter code”: After clicking the button, a pop-up window will appear where you can input the code.

4. Input the Blanket Code: Enter the Blanket Code into the text field provided in uppercase letters without spaces between characters.

5. Click “Join Game”: After inputting your Blanket Code, click on this button to join an existing game or create a new one for your class.

Once entered correctly, Blooket will automatically redirect you to an existing game or prompt you to create one if no fun with that specific code exists.

Remember that entering incorrect codes might result in joining the wrong games or being unable to participate. So double-check before hitting submit!


Blooket is a fantastic teacher resource for engaging students in fun and interactive learning. By using Blanket Codes, teachers can create custom games that cater to the specific needs of their classroom. Additionally, Blanket Codes make it easy for students to join and participate in these games quickly.

While some potential risks are associated with sharing codes outside the intended audience, following best practices, such as only sharing within trusted networks, can mitigate these concerns.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to incorporate gamification into your teaching strategy or want to find new ways to engage your students, Blooket is worth exploring. With the knowledge gained from this article on how to find and enter a Blanket Code for Classroom Games, you’ll be well-equipped to start creating engaging experiences for your students today!

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