How Smoke Curtains Work to Keep Your Structure Safe

While the prospect of a fire breaking out can never be fully eliminated, effective preparedness can undoubtedly mitigate the potential risk and damage. One such preventive measure is the installation of smoke curtains in your building.

So, what are Smoke Curtains?

Smoke curtains, as the name suggests, are fire containment systems used in buildings to control the spread of smoke and fire. Serving as physical barriers, they effectively restrict smoke and fire from expanding to different parts of a building. Predominantly constructed from metal or fire-resistant plastic, these curtains, much like heavy draperies, descend from the ceiling to counter a fire or smoke emergency, playing a crucial role in fire safety across numerous structures.

Smoke curtains are typically installed in passages and atriums to safeguard the evacuation routes. They can be conveniently elevated or lowered to avoid blocking emergency exits or to form a solid barrier. Smoke curtains can essentially compartmentalise a building into safer segments by descending from the ceiling to the floor.

It’s worth noting that smoke curtains and fire curtains can coexist, housed in a headbox at a high elevation until an alarm prompts their deployment.

Why Install Smoke Curtains?

There are multiple advantages to installing smoke curtains, including:

Containing Smoke and Fire: Smoke curtains effectively contain fire and smoke within one area, stopping it from spreading to other parts of the building, thereby simplifying evacuation procedures.

Enhancing Visibility: By curtailing the dispersion of smoke, smoke curtains improve visibility, assisting people to evacuate and enabling firefighters to locate the fire’s origin.

Safeguarding People and Property: Smoke curtains halt the progression of the fire, affording precious time for evacuees and firefighters, and thereby protecting lives and assets.

Reducing Damage: By limiting smoke and fire’s spread, smoke curtains contribute to minimising injuries, saving lives, and reducing the damage inflicted on the building and its contents.

However, Smoke Curtains Do Have Certain Limitations:

Expense: The installation and maintenance of smoke curtains can be costly, particularly in large or multi-storied buildings.

Regular Maintenance: Routine checks and upkeep are necessary to ensure smoke curtains’ effective functioning and deployment during a fire.

Limited Efficacy: While smoke curtains significantly enhance safety in a fire when paired with other fire prevention measures, their effectiveness can be limited in complex, larger structures.

False Activation: Smoke curtains can inadvertently be triggered by dust and other airborne particulates, which can cause disruptions.

Limited Protection: Smoke curtains can contain a fire but cannot prevent it from starting. Hence, other preparatory measures are essential.

Complex Installation: The installation process of smoke curtains requires professional expertise, precluding a DIY approach.

In summary, while they may have certain limitations, smoke curtains remain a vital component of a building’s fire safety plan, effectively protecting lives and assets during a fire outbreak. Their installation requires professional services due to the complexities involved, but the peace of mind they offer is immeasurable.

Where to get them?

With over three decades of experience, the A1S Group has been expertly crafting and installing fire and smoke curtains, both vertical and horizontal, as well as fire and roller shutters.

The company has an impressive portfolio, boasting collaboration on renowned projects such as Selfridges on Oxford Street, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadia, the Bloomberg Building (which won the RIBA award in 2018), hospitals, schools, hotels, and even the New Scotland Yard headquarters.

At A1S Group, we take pride in delivering fire safety and security solutions that are fully compliant with regulations, all the while ensuring the aesthetic integrity of the building remains unscathed. Reach out to us today to understand why we are the go-to contractor for supply and installation of fire curtains, smoke curtains, and fire shutters.

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