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Laboratory Glassware and Laboratory Equipment manufacturers serve various labs with their manufactured tools, instruments and specialised glassware. Numerous laboratories (labs) are served by leading and the most renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers. The research labs are divided based on their specific fields and research areas they serve. Some of the common categories of labs include: 

  • Research Laboratories: These labs conduct scientific research and experiments in various fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and more.
  • Clinical Laboratories: Clinical labs focus on medical and diagnostic testing, including pathology, haematology, microbiology, and clinical chemistry.
  • Chemistry Laboratories: These labs are specifically for chemical research, analysis, and experimentation.
  • Biology Laboratories: Biology labs focus on studying living organisms, genetics, and biological processes.
  • Physics Laboratories: Physics labs study the fundamental principles of physics and conduct experiments in optics, electromagnetism, and mechanics.
  • Environmental Laboratories: Environmental labs monitor and analyse environmental factors, including air and water quality, soil composition, and pollution.
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories: These labs are involved in pharmaceutical research, drug development, and quality control.
  • Food Testing Laboratories: Food labs test food and beverages’ safety, quality, and composition.
  • Forensic Laboratories: Forensic labs analyse evidence for criminal investigations, including DNA, fingerprints, and toxicology.
  • Material Testing Laboratories: These labs examine the properties and quality of materials, including metals, polymers, and composites.
  • Astronomy Observatories: Astronomy labs or observatories are equipped with telescopes and other instruments to observe celestial objects and phenomena.
  • Educational Laboratories: These labs are integral to every school, college, and university, where students perform experiments and learn through hands-on experience.
  • Engineering Laboratories: Engineering labs support research and experimentation in various engineering disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering.
  • Biotechnology Laboratories: Biotech labs are involved in genetic engineering, bioprocessing, and the development of biopharmaceuticals.
  • Nuclear Laboratories: Nuclear labs deal with nuclear physics, energy, and research.
  • Psychology Laboratories: Psychology labs conduct experiments related to human behaviour and cognition.
  • Robotics Laboratories: Robotics labs aid research and development in robotics and automation.
  • Geological Laboratories: Geological labs study the Earth’s structure, minerals, and geological processes.
  • Nanotechnology Laboratories: Nanotech labs are involved in research at the nanoscale, studying materials and devices at the atomic and molecular levels.

These are just some examples of modern science labs that laboratory equipment suppliers and laboratory glassware manufacturers serve. Whatever your lab’s research goal or scope, it cannot function seamlessly without the vast range of excellent-quality equipment and glassware. 

Here is a categorised list of the essential laboratory equipment and laboratory glassware available for prompt global delivery.

Lab Supplies By Laboratory Equipment & Glassware Manufacturers

It is essential to note that laboratory equipment and laboratory glassware are different but essential components of a scientific laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment:

Function: Laboratory equipment refers to a wide range of instruments and devices used for performing experiments, conducting research, or carrying out specific tasks in a laboratory setting. 

Here are the most popular laboratory equipment manufactured by laboratory equipment manufacturers. These laboratory equipment are a must for almost every modern science lab for the functions that they perform: 

  • Microscopes: Compound microscopes, electron microscopes, stereo microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, etc.
  • Centrifuges: Used for separating substances.
  • Incubators: To cultivate and maintain microbiological cultures.
  • Autoclaves: For sterilising equipment and media.
  • Ovens: Used for drying and sterilising.
  • Balances: Analytical and precision balances for weighing.
  • pH Meters: To measure the acidity or alkalinity of solutions.
  • Spectrophotometers: For analysing the concentration of substances in a solution.
  • Chromatography Systems: Including gas and liquid chromatography.
  • PCR Machines: For DNA amplification.
  • Electrophoresis Equipment: To separate molecules based on size and charge.
  • Laboratory Shakers: For mixing, shaking, and culturing.
  • Fume Hoods: To safely handle hazardous substances.
  • Safety Cabinets: For handling biohazard materials.
  • Microplate Readers and Washers: Used in ELISA assays.
  • Freezers and Refrigerators: For sample storage.
  • Water Baths: For incubation and thawing.
  • Cryostats: Used in histology and pathology.
  • Lab Refrigerators: To store reagents and samples.
  • Hot Plates/Stirrers: For heating and stirring solutions.
  • Sieves and Sieve Shakers: For particle size analysis.
  • Glove Boxes: For working with sensitive materials.
  • Microtomes: For cutting thin sections of specimens.
  • Magnetic Stirrers: For mixing with magnetic bars.

Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory glassware consists of all borosilicate glass apparatuses that are ideal for holding, measuring, mixing, or reacting with various liquids and substances in a laboratory. Biochemistry, biology, chemistry, educational research labs, pharma labs and more depend heavily on laboratory glassware for applications where glass’s inertness, low coefficient of heat and transparency are advantageous.

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers are manufacturing the most comprehensive range of laboratory glassware which supports the following lab functions: 

  1. Beakers: Used for mixing, measuring, and heating liquids.
  2. Flasks: Erlenmeyer flasks, volumetric flasks, round-bottom flasks, etc., have the general purpose of making solutions, holding, containing, collecting, and volumetrically measuring chemicals, samples, solutions, etc.
  3. Test Tubes: For various laboratory purposes.
  4. Pipettes: micropipettes, serological pipettes, digital pipettes and more to transfer small amounts (millilitres or microliters) of liquids 
  5. Burettes: For precise titration. Laboratory glassware manufacturers manufacture the following kinds of burettes: 
  • Graduated Burette
  • Automatic Burette
  • Micro Burette
  • Digital Burette
  • Pressure Equalizing Burette
  • Glass Stopcock Burette
  • PTFE Stopcock Burette
  • Schellbach Burette
  • Pipetting Burette
  • Class A Burette

Graduated Cylinders: To measure volumes accurately.

Petri Dishes: For culturing microorganisms.

Bottles and Jars: For storing reagents and solutions.

Watch Glasses: Used as covers for beakers.

Glass Funnels: For transferring liquids.

Condensers: Used in distillation and reflux.

Desiccators: For drying and storing moisture-sensitive substances.

Crucibles and Tongs: For high-temperature heating

Glass Rods and Stirring Rods: For stirring and mixing

Bunsen Burners: For heating and sterilization

Glass Pipette Fillers: To fill pipettes safely.

Glass Petrolatum Jars: For preserving specimens.

Culture Tubes: For microbial cultures.

Glass Capillaries: Used in microinjections and other applications.

Evaporating Dishes: For evaporating liquids.

Glass Slide and Coverslips: For Microscopy

Vials: Ideal for storing lab samples. 

Filter Flasks and Funnel Sets: For vacuum filtration.

Glass Syringes: For precision liquid dispensing.

Talk to the industry experts, Atico Export, the prime laboratory glassware manufacturers. All your concerns and questions about quality, durability, advanced features, compatibility with other products, and cost queries are resolved by the team in no time. For equipment that adds value to your lab processes, experiments, and overall functionality, procuring equipment and glassware from top laboratory glassware exporters is necessary. 


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