How To Choose The Right Extension Cords For Your Generator In A Construction Site

Right Extension Cords Now, a construction site needs the power to run machines day and night. So, as a contractor, you will need to get portable generators to make sure the work doesn’t get disrupted.

Portable generators are super convenient and versatile. You can depend on them for power when there is an outage or if you must light up an outside area.

When you talk of generators, you automatically have to consider a generator extension cord.  Regardless of where you install it, you will need extension cords that can provide the necessary electricity without you having to push the generator around. Plugging generators into walls directly can be dangerous.

Tips to choose the Right Extension Cords cord for your generator:

Choose extension cords instead to use the generator safely. Duraline is a trusted name when it comes to extension cords for generators. A regular extension cord isn’t right for the generator, you will need to consider some factors before buying one. If you are looking for a quick-fix solution, you can opt for the standard extension cords; these are the 3-prong type that most stores have. But they aren’t the best fit for generators.

  • When buying extension cords for generators, you have to ensure these are compatible with the machine’s power outlets, regardless of the wire thickness.
  • Not all extension cords are fit to be used outdoors. So, if you want one for your construction site, you need to choose a type that is fit for outdoors. It’s likely that the cord will be exposed to weather conditions, even rain.
  • Some extension cords will be more long-lasting than others. While indoor ones are light-duty, they cannot handle adverse weather conditions. Heavy-duty extension cords are better for handling wear and tear, making them more durable.
  • Extension cords are easy to find but you need to choose the right length. A longer extension cord will provide more electrical resistance. If the cord is shorter, it will transfer power better, and your generator will have to work less.
  • Consider the rating because all generator extension cords have an American Wire Gauge (AWG) rating. This tells you the amount of amperage they can withstand. When the AWG is low, it means it’s a thick cord and capable of holding more power.
  • Cord shape is to be considered when looking for one to power your generator. The 3-pronged ones are most commonly found, but you can also find 4-pronged cords.

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