Salesforce Lightning Migration

Overcoming the Challenges of Salesforce Lightning Migration


The transition to Salesforce Lightning from its Classic version marks a significant shift for businesses reliant on this powerful CRM platform. Salesforce Lightning offers a more intuitive user interface, enhanced features, and greater customisation capabilities. However, Salesforce Lightning migration can pose challenges that need careful navigation. This article explores the hurdles of this transition and strategies to overcome them effectively.

Understanding Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a more modern, efficient, and user-friendly iteration of the Salesforce platform. It offers improved analytics, a more dynamic interface, and enhanced functionality compared to its predecessor, Salesforce Classic.

Key Benefits of Lightning

Enhanced User Interface: Lightning provides a more intuitive and responsive design.

Improved Analytics: Advanced reporting features for better data interpretation.

Greater Customisation: More flexibility in tailoring the platform to specific business needs.

Challenges in Lightning Migration.

The migration process can be complex, involving technical, strategic, and training challenges.

Data and Customisation Transfer

Ensuring that existing data and customised features are accurately transferred to the Lightning platform is crucial. This requires thorough planning and testing to avoid data loss or functional discrepancies.

User Adaptation and Training

Adapting to the new interface and features of Lightning can be challenging for users accustomed to Salesforce Classic. Comprehensive Salesforce training and support are essential to ease this transition.

Technical Compatibility

Ensuring that existing integrations and custom applications are compatible with Lightning is another significant challenge. This may require redeveloping or updating these components.

Strategies for Successful Migration

Adopting a structured approach can greatly facilitate a smooth transition to Salesforce Lightning.

Step-by-Step Migration Plan

Develop a detailed migration plan that includes data migration, feature transfer, and testing. This plan should be executed in phases to minimise disruption.

Training and Support

Invest in extensive training programs to help users adapt to the new system. Continuous support post-migration is equally important to address any ongoing challenges.

Technical Assessment and Upgrades

Conduct a thorough technical assessment to identify and address compatibility issues. Upgrading or redeveloping incompatible components is critical for a successful migration.


Migrating to Salesforce Lightning, despite its challenges, offers significant benefits for businesses seeking a more efficient and customisable CRM solution. A well-planned migration strategy, coupled with comprehensive training and technical readiness, can ensure a smooth transition.


1. What is Salesforce Lightning?

Ans: Salesforce Lightning is an upgraded version of the Salesforce platform with enhanced features and a more user-friendly interface.

2. Why is migrating to Lightning challenging?

Ans: Challenges include data and customisation transfer, user adaptation, and ensuring technical compatibility.

3. How can businesses ensure a successful migration?

Ans: By developing a structured migration plan, providing comprehensive training, and addressing technical compatibility issues.

4. How Tech Talent Consulting Can Help with Overcoming the Challenges of Salesforce Lightning Migration

Ans: Tech Talent Consulting offers expert guidance and support for businesses facing the challenges of Salesforce Lightning migration. Our team of experienced professionals can assist with every aspect of the migration process, from planning and data transfer to user training and technical upgrades. We ensure a seamless transition to Salesforce Lightning, minimising disruption and maximising the benefits of this advanced CRM platform. With our expertise, your business can overcome the hurdles of migration and fully leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Lightning.


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