Spot rogue movers before they speed with your belongings.

Belongings It’s moving day. As the head of household, you are in charge of organizing the moving details. You’ve been up since 6 in the morning, it’s 10 now, and you haven’t had a bite of toast or a sip of coffee. I keep calling the Senior Moving Services, but I get a voicemail. Your move finally arrives two hours later than expected and you finally catch your breath at 2pm. They pack your belongings and head for the agreed upon destination: your new home. You arrive at a two-story house and there is no truck, no belongings, no movers in sight. What are you doing?

Let’s take this scenario back to a week ago when we first called the moving company. Malicious movers have bright red flags. When it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some guidelines from malicious movers to take advantage of your situation.

Estimates are too good to be true. Rogue Movers will never give you a low-ball estimate or do an on-site estimate without looking at what you’re moving.

“We only take cash.” Acceptable forms of payment for Rogue Movers are usually cash or require a large deposit before the job is complete.

“Your item is insured.” They falsely claim that all of your items are insured.

Your rental truck will arrive on the day of your move. The movers do not wear uniforms and arrive in non-company-owned or marked trucks.

The “Your Rights and Responsibilities When Moving” booklet is not provided. This booklet must be provided to customers in accordance with federal regulations for interstate travel.

To prevent this from happening, family and friends offer a list of tips before booking a move.

Get a cost estimate. Quotations must be actual estimates of goods to be shipped.

Don’t choose a mover based solely on price. In reality, you may be sacrificing something much more important, so look into the finer details.

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