Linux Shared Hosting: Your Best Choice


Today, we will be discussing Linux Shared hosting in India. But before we dive into that, let’s understand what shared hosting is and how it works. Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Each website is assigned a limited amount of server resources according to its hosting plan. In shared hosting, every customer has proper control over their website, database, email, and blog. 

Shared hosting is the most affordable among other hosting options since the consumer shares the server resources. It’s similar to renting an apartment where you have your room, but the main resources like electricity, water, and other amenities are shared with other residents. There are two types of shared hosting: Windows and Linux shared hosting in India. Now, let’s delve into the pros and cons of Linux shared web hosting and why it’s the best option for your website in India.

What is Linux Shared Hosting? 

Linux shared web hosting is also the same as shared hosting. The main thing is it runs on the Linux operating system. Linux is a popularly known operating system in the web industry. Linux is an open-source and community-developed operating system for systems, mainframes, computers, mobile devices, and embedded devices. which means its source code can be adjusted, utilized, and reallocated in both commercial and non-commercial businesses. A Linux hosting server runs websites on a Linux OS. Linux is the best choice for organizations who want to scale their server infrastructure and web hosting. Linux server offers high scalability, which means it can handle large amounts of data and traffic without performance issues. 

Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting in India

Over the years Linux has gained immense and wide popularity and made consistent growth, Although it doesn’t have a huge market share that doesn’t make it a less potent competitor in the server dominance race. Linux is still the ideal option for many websites and business owners as it has multiple advantages from affordability to flexibility. 

Here are some advantages of shared hosting in India:


Linux OS offers advanced security features that help you protect your website and prevent any hacking activities that can harm your data.


It gives freedom to its users to customize and configure the system as they need it.


It can scale across multiple systems for added flexibility and efficiency.


Linux provides a powerful hosting environment along with high-performance applications.


Linux hosting is an economical way to host websites as it has many users, which makes it cost-effective for emerging sites to host.

Other benefits

Shared hosting is Easy to use, versatile, no license needed, and can be used with many programming languages, which makes it the best option to host a website in India.

Many Great Plans of Linux Shared Hosting in India According to Your Requirements

If you are a new business owner, an entry-level startup, or a new blogger and looking for an affordable hosting platform, then choose Linux-shared hosting. Shared hosting has many great plans designed to fulfill your business needs. Many web hosting companies offer attractive plans, first, analyze all the plans and select the best plan for all your website needs. Normally cheap shared hosting plans can range from 2$ to 6$ per month.

Many hosting providers offer different plans for your specific needs just because you can buy any plan according to your website. Also, you can compare many different packages from hosting providers which gives you an idea of which packages you should need for your website.

Why is Hostbillo best for Linux Shared Hosting in India?

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions is one of the best web hosting providers that provides top-quality hosting services. Hostbillo facilities are affordable and the best options for all website owners worldwide.

Top reasons why Hostbillo is best for India-shared Linux – 

1. Server Uptime Guarantee: 

Hostbillo provides an attractive range of Linux shared web hosting plans in India with a server uptime of 99.90%. At Hostbillo have an experienced team for maintaining servers for their better performance and productivity.

2. Free SSL Certificate: 

It provides free SSL certificates along with all India Linux shared web hosting Which gives your website end-to-end encrypted.

3. Technical Support: 

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions has a highly experienced technical team that helps you with all your server-related queries. At Hostbillo we also have 24/7 customer support.

4. Control Panel:  

A control panel with India Linux shared web hosting is provided by Hostbillo. A control panel helps you do all the server-related tasks very easily and efficiently.

5. Budget-friendly: 

Many users have different requirements and limited budget, Hostbillo respects all those things and provide all plans at very affordable prices so anyone can buy cheap Shared hosting in India.

6. Add-on Domains: 

It gives you the independence to add more than one domain into your best Linux shared hosting in India plan. So, If you have another website for your business then you don’t need to buy another hosting for that.

These things made Hostbillo Hosting Solution one of the best hosting platforms in India in terms of affordability to customer support Hostbillo has solutions for your every problem.


In conclusion, Linux hosting is a cost-effective solution for your business website, small business, or blog website in India. It is great for those who are looking forward to establishing a web presence without impacting their bank account. 

You can pick the best Linux web hosting in India from Hostbillo Hosting Solution which gives you the best features and services. We are sure that you will get enough information from our Article that give you an idea of why you choose cheap Linux-shared hosting in India.


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